Watermealon Weekend

Watermealon #5 “The Wedding Mealon” in our watermealon series from our watermealon period by @__jessica__annn__ who says: “The only thing for me to eat at this wedding reception is watermelon🍉 #vegetarianproblems” 

I hope you did like my mother-in-law does and brought your checkbook without filling in the amount until you saw what the food is like.

All these watermealons have left me wondering: What are vegans fed in winter?! Stay tuned to find out!



One comment

  1. I gave a check of $200 to a woman who had barbecued pork at her wedding, and side veggies that had real butter and cheese.

    She Facebook messaged me a few days later to tell me that she actually had some hummus but forgot to bring it out. But she had thought of me and my veganhood.

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