vegan barbecue

Summertime and the starvin’ is easy

Mealon #4. Can’t. Even.

This photo comes from @alicesweet_  who says: “my fourth of July feast. a cookout of 28 people and no one thought to ask about a special diet. go figure.”

We don’t mean to lecture you Alice, but it was Independence Day and independence means not being dependent on your hosts aka PREEATING. That’s why the 4th of July is our patron holiday here at whyveganspreeat! We’re just kidding. Your hosts can stick a firecracker up their rump roast.



What, no chips?!

Watermealon #3. Another senseless crime against innocent vegan victim @gloria1771: “Awesome company picnic for the 4th of July. Look at all my #vegan options. Not a single veggie burger to be found. #alwayspackalunch”

As readers of this blog know by now, the proper crappy meal for vegans is chips and watermelon. So we can’t help but ask: WHERE ARE THE CHIPS?!

Would this employer serve burgers without ketchup? I don’t think so! Are we really supposed to make a waterwich with nothing but pickles?!



Happy July 4th, internet strangers! Be safe out there today– don’t forget to pre-eat…unless you want a watermealon!

This photo comes from @glarkie, who says: “Barbeques aren’t usually vegan friendly 😭”

Here’s what our research has uncovered: 71 percent of watermealons include chips. East of the Mississippi, these chips are used to make a Waterwich by placing two to three chips between slices of watermelon. However, west of the Mississippi, a thin slice of watermelon is placed between two chips (hence the knife).

Two very different approaches, yet we all come together today as one nation, a nation of vegans who pray our host will toss the veggie burger we brought ourselves on the part of the grill free of animal goop.