Watermealon Weekend

Watermealon #5 “The Wedding Mealon” in our watermealon series from our watermealon period by @__jessica__annn__ who says:¬†“The only thing for me to eat at this wedding reception is watermelonūüćČ #vegetarianproblems”¬†

I hope you did like my mother-in-law does and brought your checkbook without filling in the amount until you saw what the food is like.

All these watermealons have left me wondering: What are vegans fed in winter?! Stay tuned to find out!



Summertime and the starvin’ is easy

Mealon #4. Can’t. Even.

This photo comes from @alicesweet_ ¬†who says: “my fourth of July feast.¬†a cookout of 28 people and no one thought to ask about a special diet. go figure.”

We don’t mean to lecture you Alice, but it was Independence Day and independence means not being dependent on your hosts aka PREEATING. That’s why the 4th of July is our patron holiday here at whyveganspreeat! We’re just kidding. Your hosts can stick a firecracker up their rump roast.


But you can eat yogurt, right?

This is from @caitlennicole, whose manager SWORE there would be vegan options at the work picnic this time and boy, did he really over-deliver!

Have you ever had a watermelon sweet potato chip sandwich? It’s a real delicacy on pirate ships everywhere.

“People kept recommending I try the baked beans or tofu kabobs. Baked beans had bacon and tofu was covered in a yogurt sauce.”

But they meant well. Which is pretty much the worst thing you can say about anyone.


I’d like to shank the Academy

This photo comes from @lizyay who says: “$325 per ticket and this is what they just tried feed my vegetarian ass for dinner. WHAT THE FUCK.¬†#daytimecreativeemmys”

OMG, that’s even¬†more expensive than Erewhon!

It’s one thing when a place can’t feed a vegan, but they can’t even feed a vegetarian?

Did the Daytime Emmy’s serve Ellen the same “meal”? Cause that could be considered gay AND vegan shaming.