why vegans preeat

new game: Leftovers or Vegan food?

From @littlelorin: “😑 I try not to be much of a food poster but this was the only thing #vegan at this restaurant and I found my plate really funny”

What’s wrong with carrot fajitas?

I like the optimistic bite of tortilla before the feeling of doom set in.



I’ve heard of chickpea & olive but…

From @toroktoberfest: “This wedding has plenty for me to eat.#wedding#buffet#veganproblems#vegan#myfavoritefoods“

Where do we get our protein? Why, chickpeas and onions, of course!

Sure it may be skimpy, but the plating is beautiful.

This would go well with a nice glass of water.


It’s a sadalad!

This was served to @veganpharmer at a work function. It’s disgraceful to serve sad vegetables to any vegan, but especially to a pharmer!

@veganpharmer: “For a work function — called a week ahead to see if there would be a vegan option or if it would be ok to bring my own. Should have known to bring my own. Salad complete with albino lettuce, dried up carrot sliver, and no vegan dressing option. I’m pretty sure I was hypoglycemic by the end of the day.”

That lettuce is so white it needs to check its privilege.